Your notary – Maître Carlo Goedert
Your notary – Maître Carlo Goedert

The notary – the counselor who assists you through the milestones of life

Notaries make an important contribution to the smooth functioning of society. The notary is both the representative of the state and the independent and impartial adviser of all stakeholders. Consulted for any legal operation, he must first consider carefully the facts, identifying precisely the interests and objectives of all contracting parties. He must ensure a fair balance of all interests involved.

The notary is a public officer appointed by grand-ducal decree whose main role is to draw up legal acts and contracts of any kind to which the parties want or need to give the nature of authenticity attached to acts of public authority. The signing of the deeds by the notary gives proof of their content and their actual date. If they contain payment entitlements, they can be enforced without needing a prior court order. Notary deeds are kept indefinitely and the originals of the deeds have the nature of public archives.

The presence of a notary by your side is essential in all the important moments of the life of an individual, a couple or a family: purchase of a building land or home, marriage contract, protection of the spouse and children, patrimony management, donation, will, inheritance, separation, incorporation of a company, and others.

The notary detains the monopoly on real estate transactions (sale, sale in future state of completion, auction sale, exchange, donation, partition, mortgage line of credit, ...).